COMIC BOOK: Ridehard #3 Available Now

Alex Ridehard returns in this explosive finale to the RIDEHARD series! In this third and final issue of the series, the stakes are even higher for Alex Ridehard as he has to save both the spy agency he works for and the world from an evil – and horny – Russian father and son duo. Can Alex thwart

COMIC BOOK: Ridehard #2

Alex Ridehard is back! In this second issue in the RIDEHARD series, Alex Ridehard returns for his second

COMIC BOOK: Ridehard #1

Is it possible to have one comic book include a super horny secret agent, an evil mastermind with

DIGITAL COMIC: There’s No Place Like D-Wing

“There’s No Place Like D-Wing” is a no-holds-barred sex-filled story based in a prison and follows the journey


“Bang Hard Ben” is a digital comic book series written and illustrated by Alexander, and exclusive to TwinkyToons.