COMIC BOOK: Ridehard #1

Is it possible to have one comic book include a super horny secret agent, an evil mastermind with hung henchmen, multi-function watches, martinis and rocket shooting sports cars? Yes it is!

RIDEHARD is the first issue in the comic book series written and illustrated by Alexander. This series revolves around the young and sexy British secret agent Alex Ridehard who finds himself on his first mission: saving all of Europe from the evil clutches of Dr. Voyeur! Will Alex escape the henchman with truth-serum jizz? Will he save the day and get the guy? All is revealed in this spy-action, sex-filled thriller!

ridehard_cover_digi ridehard_sample1 ridehard_sample2 ridehard_sample3 ridehard_sample4

You can purchase the digital comic book of RIDEHARD #1 from class comics here!