In addition to creating comic books and erotic images for publication, Alexander is also available for private digital commissions. You can find some examples of previous commissions Alexander has created below, as well as a price list for various types of commissions available.

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If you are interested in a digital commission of your own, you can contact Alexander here. Don’t forget to take a look at the price list and FAQ’s below too!


Alexander Digital Commissions Price List:

Please note, all prices are estimated based on detail. The more detail per image, the more the price may increase. All prices for work will be mutually agreed upon before any work commences.

A4 size full color digital image single person – £40
A4 size full color digital image two people – £60
A4 size full color digital image three people – £80

More people in this size please email for quote

A3 size full color digital image single person – £80
A3 size full color digital image two people – £100
A3 size full color digital image three people – £120

More people in this size please email for quote

Full colour comic book page (size is comic book standard 26cm x 17cm) – £75 per page
(This price is based on 3-6 panels per page. More panels = less detail in each.)
Images are supplied in both JPEG and PSD formats.
Images are between 200-300 DPI.
Payments through Paypal only.

Alexander Digital Commissions FAQ

How old do I need to be to buy a commission?

You must be at least 18 years old. If requested, you will need to provide proof of age before your commission will be considered.

How much will my commission cost?

The cost of a commission will vary depending on the size and complexity. Smaller, less complicated images will cost less than larger, more complex ones. All images are drawn personally by Alexander and do take a lot of time and care to create, so the price will also reflect the time it takes to create your commission by a professional artist. A price quote will of course be given before any work commences and is mutually agreed upon.

How long will my commission take to complete?

The time to complete your commission will depend on the size and complexity, but an estimated timescale will be agreed before any work commences.

Do you take non-sexual commissions?

Alexander specializes in erotic gay art, so only erotic and pornographic commissions will be considered.

What sort of scenes/themes/scenarios are possible for my commission?

Almost any scene or scenario can be created for your commission, the only limit is your imagination. Whether it be a solo or duo portrait, a changing room threesome in full football gear, or a hot, sweaty gang-bang on the lush tropical mountain-top of a distant alien planet… the possibilities are endless!

Are there any themes or subjects that are not allowed?

Yes. Depictions of minors or animals will not be accepted. Any other themes can be discussed but are at the discretion of Alexander.

Will Alexander draw straight/bi-sexual images?

Alexander specializes in gay erotic art, so only gay erotic and pornographic themes will be considered.

Can you draw ——– (insert celebrity name) having sex with ——– (insert celebrity name)?

Depictions of actual celebrities, personalities or characters are unfortunately not accepted for copyright reasons.

Can you draw cops/vampires/superheroes having sex with gladiators/soccer hunks/aliens?

As long as the characters are entirely created by Alexander and are not based on any existing character, then yes of course!

I do want a commission but I’m not sure what of. Can you give me some ideas?

Sure! Take a look at Alexander’s gallery for inspiration or give a few general ideas in your contact form and Alexander can help you to decide on a theme/scenario.

Your artwork is full of twinks. Do you only draw twinks?

No. Although twinks and young men do feature a lot in Alexander’s work, all types and (legal) ages can be drawn and are welcome for commissions!

Will I get to see my commission before it is sent to me?

A small, flat colour watermarked preview of your commission will be emailed to you for approval before it is finalized.

How can I pay for my commission?

At this time, Paypal is currently the only available payment option for commissions.