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906, 2021

Tom Holland Naked

Tom Holland is a big hit as the new Spider-Man, that’s for sure!

So I decided I’d try my hand at drawing him in – and OUT – of costume. ?

The first drawing I created is of Spider-Man unmasked, with New York City in the background. I wanted this to just be a fun one to represent to fun tone of the movie.

The second drawing I created is Tom Holland himself, and of course this one is my usual gay porn style with Tom totally naked and sporting raging boner! :p



506, 2021

Tom Daley & Nile Wilson Naked

Remember that YouTube video Tom Daley and Nile Wilson did not so long ago? Well here’s the bit they didn’t want you to see ? Not really of course! It’s just my own gay cartoon version of them together based on that video. You have to admit, the video of Tom and Nile  in the gymnasium together was basically soft-core porn! It was very homoerotic to say the least. So my drawing of them both isn’t that far of a stretch of the imagination. I’m sure you’ll be imagining them doing more than what my drawing shows though. Maybe I should draw that next…..? Olympic diver Tom Daley and Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson have appeared in a few YouTube videos together now, so check them out if you haven’t already.


106, 2021

Gay British Diver Tom Daley in Speedos

Check out this drawing I did of gay British diver Tom Daley in (and out of) some skimpy speedos! Who hasn’t fantasised about bending him over, pulling off those wet speedos, getting him totally naked and exposing his ass and cock?I know I have, which prompted me to do a version of Tom Daley naked too, with his ass just begging for…. well you can use your imagination there! Maybe I need to draw an image of Tom having sex with one of his fellow divers soon? Or perhaps his gymnastic buddy Nile Wilson? Those two have some real sexual chemistry for sure.


2505, 2021

Brandon Myers from ITV2’s Bromans Naked

Check out these new drawings I did of ITV2 Bromans and Ex On The Beach star Brandon Myers. I did one version of him in his Roman attire, and of course one version with his big dick out too!

Brandon Myers famously has a big cock, roughly about 9.5 inches by his own admission. You can actually see his dick for real as he’s done porn too! Check out Englishlads to find his XXX photos and videos there. Otherwise you can just enjoy this fantasy image I created instead ?



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