Super Hung

The FIRST ISSUE in a brand NEW SERIES by Alexander!
Lewis couldn’t have known just how much a chance encounter with the relatively unknown “Super Hung” would change his life! This quiet librarian would eventually be yanked from his bookish job, and thrust into the diabolical clutches of “The Measure Master” as bait for Super Hung!
Before this can happen, it will take a cheating lover, an entire basketball team of cumshots, a budding romance, a double crossing ex-boyfriend, an army of breeding monstrosities spreading the jizz of Dr. DNA, and a carefully guarded secret identity unmasked!
And even after all this… there is still more to be revealed! For in the end, Super Hung IS captured and has NO escape in sight until Lewis reveals a secret weapon of his own!
The Digital Edition of Super Hung #1 is a 24 page comic with a 9 page gallery. It’s written and illustrated by Alexander, the creator of the Ridehard series, No Place Like D-Wing, and has illustrated many other mini-comics such as Star Crossed #1.
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